April 23, 2020


Dear Members,


Life has sure changed since our last CEU meeting at Lineadecor in February.


Let's use our monthly newsletter and share what we are up to, what new skills we might have acquired and how we are all coping. Here are my thoughts:


  • My proudest accomplishment to date: I have convinced myself to use my previously unused PELOTON bike daily—well, Monday to Friday and only 10 minutes! I don’t want to overdo it. Oh, and to compensate I stay in bed until 10 am every day now…My cat is very grateful.

  • I have also loaded Marco Polo and Zoom and am able to have multiple people on a video call via FaceTime and messenger. I have pretty much reached the limits of my tech abilities.

  • In addition, my apartment is stocked with wine, cleaning supplies and food, even cat-food to last us easily 2 months. Even the cat is getting tubby.

  • I have self dyed my hair (a shade of pond scum that was advertised as medium blonde) and then dyed it back to blonde.

  • I am in week 3 of a Deepak Chopra mediation class! NAMASTE

  • I feel healthy, and no one I directly know is in the hospital so I count my blessings.

  • My weekly volunteer runs with the Brooklyn face shield warriors are the the highlight of my days. I get to drive around picking up and delivering materials and assembled plexi shields all over Brooklyn, and in 3 weeks, 2,500 face shields have been produced this way.

  • I have had some time to think about life and the many things I am grateful for. It's funny how a situation like this makes you so much fonder of the things that are truly important.

  • Since I live alone I miss my friends, but I am also grateful for the neighbors I share a backyard with. Everyone seems to be watching out for one another. 

  • If one positive thing comes from this, it is how much more we connect and take care of each other. Shopping for one another, sharing what we have, and simply asking how we are doing. A beautiful sense of community has emerged in all kinds of areas of my life.

  • I have received calls and messages from friends I have not heard from in years! The environment has gotten a breather and the air is cleaner, animals have more spaces to roam.


My wish is that some of this remains long after we go back to normal.


In any case, it would be great to hear from you, our members. How are you doing? Please feel free to share how your life has changed. None of us are alone in this and it's great to speak out and relate and to get to know one another a little bit better.


I wish that all of you are doing OK, health wise but also financially.


Until we see each other again let's all make the best of it.


Felicitas Oefelein, Secretary-Treasurer,

Manhattan Chapter


Editor's Note: This column is a new feature for the Chapter newsletter, to share experiences from our members as they cope with work and life during the Pandemic. If you'd like to share your own experience, email charbarnard@yahoo.com

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